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Superheroes have been important threads in the fabric of society for a couple of generations now. They’ve graced our screens, danced across the pages of our comics and storybooks and dominated our childhood conversations and arguments. Without them, our childhoods would have been boring, our adolescent years a complete nightmare and the seriousness of

Mighty Joo is a story by Parables Animations that's centered around a character named Joseph Kojo Balima; an environmental scientist whose alter ego is Mighty Joo - the Environmental Crusader. The story follows his life and adventures as he fights for environmental conservation while also battling villains who threaten the peace and justice

The year 2019 has definitely smiled upon Afrocomix and all comic lovers. Kiro’o Games, a revolutionary company making waves in the game, comic and entertainment industry, has released the Aurion comic series based off their renown Aurion game. All those familiar with the Aurion game can definitely relate when I say that the Aurion

This era has undoubtedly seen many great heroes. We all binged-watched The Flash series and contributed to the fact that Black Panther is rated the world’s 9th highest grossing film of all time (Don’t add that to your CV though!) We’ve also seen a number of our favourite heroes struggle with various diseases and conditions

WORLD SUMMIT AWARDS (WSA) PRESENTS ITS MASTER LIST ON DIGITAL INNOVATION WITH SOCIAL IMPACT FROM 26 COUNTRIES   ACCRA/27.11.18 World Summit Awards present a global spectrum of change making projects ranging from big data for tourism to organ 3D printing, from a job-platform focusing on female tech talent to empowering smallholder farms – no matter what

As per the norm, Afrocomix just keeps getting better and better! This time, there’s a new and exciting twist. Leti Arts is proud to introduce AFROCOINS, the intelligent new way of purchasing content in the Afrocomix app. What are Afrocoins you might ask? Well, it’s quite simple. Afrocoins allow you to buy any

  It’s an understatement to say that there are and have been inspiring stories told by African artists and writers ranging from various genres that are all remarkable in their own right. It’s truly a pleasure to be able to confidently say that the tale of Karmzah, in its own unique way, has joined

The first time I was introduced to the world of computer science, I was warned that it was extremely hard and would ruin my high school experience. I was told that only the extremely science and math-oriented students could thrive in that field. Already, Computer Science and technology had been put in a