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Aurion the Comic

Aurion the Comic

The year 2019 has definitely smiled upon Afrocomix and all comic lovers.

Kiro’o Games, a revolutionary company making waves in the game, comic and entertainment industry, has released the Aurion comic series based off their renown Aurion game. All those familiar with the Aurion game can definitely relate when I say that the Aurion story is quite exceptional.

This February, Kiro’o Games has yet again graced fans with another surprise. The Aurion comic is now available in the Afrocomix app! We as Afrocomix are beside ourselves now that such an amazing series has joined in.

Kiro’o Games describes Aurion as a story that’s not about prophecy, elves, good vs evil, chosen ones, a princess to save, etc. It holds much depth than the norm. It’s a story about the inner quest buried within every human being. It seeks to explore the question ‘What is the purpose of mankind?’

Based off this, we at Afrocomix definitely have our interest peaked!

If you haven’t had the chance to read the comic series and are interested in getting in on the fun, then look no further!

Explore the Afrocomix app and purchase your copy of the Aurion comic.

Don’t have the Afrocomix app? Well, simply go to your Google Play Store and install the app.

Afrocomix is a whole new world of exceptional comics, amazing wallpapers, great animations and incredible novels, all waiting for you. Don’t miss out!

From Afrocomix with Love,

Happy February!

Author: Maggie Muchiri