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What we do

“We are reviving Africa’s culture and heritage, delving into ancient tales, and sharing them with a modern, enchanting twist”

With over 1260 captivating African stories to be told and 1.21 billion Africans seeking meaningful representation of their heritage. We celebrate voices that have gone unheard, characters stepping into the limelight, and histories eager to be shared. 

Africa’s Legends represents a remarkable evolution in celebrating African mythology and enhancing the gaming experience,

Inviting players to rediscover African culture, engage with captivating narratives, and unite with a gaming community dedicated to preserving heritage and exploring the depths of African mythology:

Starting from its modest origins as “Africas Legends”and ushering in a new era, the remarkable franchise of Africa’s Legends Reawakening

We undertake this mission because the future deserves a more compelling narrative of our cultural evolution, one that honours the richness of our heritage and the stories that originated from the wisdom of our ancestors

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Africa's Legends

Unleash epic moves in this match-3 puzzle-fighting game. Engage in multiplayer battles, match colored tiles for powerful attacks, strategize to defeat opponents, and unlock special tiles for ultimate abilities


Join Kobby and Ayeesha on a captivating African journey. Solve word puzzles amid breathtaking landscapes, discovering ancient legends and untold stories. Beware the mischievous Kojo as you explore.


Sweave is a hyper-casual game with African-inspired patterns. Control a ball’s weaving motion, avoiding obstacles like African symbols. Enjoy the challenge!


Karmzah Run, our upcoming mobile game, is born from the empowering Karmzah comic. The game breaks traditional boundaries, offering players an uplifting mobile gaming adventure with the backing of this prestigious award.



Africa's Legends


Dive into LetiArts’ collection of HTML5 games. Explore our extensive catalog of HTML5 games now. From action-packed games to mind-bending puzzles, we’ve got something for everyone.


Karmzah’s latest adventure has landed in Fortnite with “Karmzah: Blitz Racers.” This exciting game blends high-speed racing with dynamic combat, set against the stunning landscapes of Ghana. Players navigate iconic landmarks, guided by Karmzah and her trusty steed MUZU, while battling creatures and avoiding dangers. 

Experience this thrilling journey now with the code


Upcoming projects

•The Virtual reality (VR) experience

•Karmzah Run Game

Leti Consulting

With over 10 years of experience, Leti Arts has the in-depth knowledge and experience to undertake exciting interactive consultancy services and to complete them effectively on time and on budget. Our proven track record in working with large international organizations in the cultural and health sectors, coupled with our diverse skill set in deploying various media forms, makes us a preferred partner for impactful digital projects.

Game design direction development & distribution  

2D/3D animation and comics

Content messaging & strategy

Audience insight, access & reach

Character design, artwork direction & production

Partners & Clients

Crafting an expansive and
immersive universe
to serve as the backdrop
for our stories and characters


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