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Karmzah: The Unleashing

Leti Arts introduces Karmzah, an inspiring African superhero comic by Farida Bedwei, released on Afrocomix. The tale of Morowa Adjei, an archaeologist turned superhero with cerebral palsy, challenges stereotypes with the mantra ‘disability is not inability.’ Exclusive to Afrocomix, Karmzah’s global recognition on BBC solidifies its status as a symbol of resilience. This isn’t just a comic; it’s an empowering journey to be experienced.

The Karmzah

Karmzah, a unique superhero created by Farida Bedwei and Leti Arts, breaks gaming stereotypes. As the only super heroine with Cerebral Palsy, she challenges norms with dynamic crutch-based stunts. Leti Arts’ Afrocomix narrative promotes diversity, celebrating differences and inner strength


Morowa Adjei, an archaeologist overcoming the challenges of Cerebral Palsy and navigating the world with crutches, finds her forte at the Baga Research Center (BRC), where she meticulously studies and researches artifacts. In a serendipitous twist, her journey takes an extraordinary turn as she interacts with a specific artifact, unleashing a profound transformation that metamorphoses her into the formidable Karmzah, her empowering alter ego.


Karmzah’s gameplay offers a dynamic blend of archaeological exploration and superheroic crime-fighting. Players step into the shoes of Morowa Adjei, seamlessly transitioning between her roles as an archaeologist and the groundbreaking superhero. The use of crutches adds a unique twist to combat, creating a visually stunning and engaging experience. 

Heroes League

Heroic Game Day features the Hero’s League, a diverse group of superheroes dedicated to protecting the world. Through their thrilling adventures, they teach young learners about teamwork, resilience, and courage.

Karmzah x Heroes League

Karmzah, a dynamic addition to the Hero’s League featured in Heroic Game Day, hails from LetiArts. Empowered by a chance encounter with a juju man, she wields superpowered crutches to defend the world. More than just a superhero, Karmzah educates her teammates on diverse cultures, enhancing their unity and collective prowess.


Get ready for the excitement of Karmzah x UEFN! In this upcoming project, participants will experience a high-octane race against the stunning backdrop of Ghana’s landscapes. The immersive competition features strategic obstacle navigation, blending action with captivating visuals for an eagerly awaited virtual challenge.

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