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Mighty Joo – The Environmental Crusader Comic Series

Mighty Joo – The Environmental Crusader Comic Series

Mighty Joo is a story by Parables Animations that’s centered around a character named Joseph Kojo Balima; an environmental scientist whose alter ego is Mighty Joo – the Environmental Crusader. The story follows his life and adventures as he fights for environmental conservation while also battling villains who threaten the peace and justice in his country.

The Mighty Joo series is set in today’s Ghana and tackles environmental issues prevalent in the area.

The series’ first issue has its focus on galamsey and sees Mighty Joo up against the villain Wang and her team of goons who are set on illegally mining for gold in the Efutu river.

Galamsey is a local Ghanaian term which means illegal small-scale gold mining in Ghana. The impact of this practice is widespread as it threatens to destroy the natural balance of nature in and around the areas where galamsey occurs.

The Mighty Joo series therefore not only stands to be an entertaining tale, but also seeks to create an avenue of environmental awareness.

The entire series hopes to arise the ‘Mighty Joo’ in us and awaken the will to fight for environmental conservation in whatever areas we call home.

As humans, we live off the land in one way or another, therefore, when we take care of the land, we get so much more in return. This makes us all keepers of our environment and like Mighty Joo, we too should take a stand and work towards ensuring that neither we nor others are engaging in any harmful environmental exploits.

Leti Arts is therefore very proud to announce the official release of the Mighty Joo series in the Afrocomix app which is set to be both a comic and animated series.

The subsequent issues of the Mighty Joo series will go ahead to tackle more real world environmental issues that plague our normal day to day lives and also address the part we as a society should play in combating them.

Sanitation, for example, is an area of hot conversation in most environmental topics today, and in the series, this has not escaped the watchful eye of Mighty Joo. Stay tuned to find out what happens in the next episodes and discover what’s in store for this intriguing tale.

Be a part of the Mighty Joo adventure and come together with us to fight for environmental conservation.

From Afrocomix with Love!

Author: Maggie Muchiri