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Leti Arts is a games-studio based in Ghana and Kenya (www.letiarts.com) who have been making meaningful African video games since 2009.

We’re looking for a special studio or individual to work on the promo trailer of our biggest release yet; an epic, story-driven adventure game, set across a near-future Africa.

The role is a great opportunity for any established/upcoming animation studio or individual to be part of one of the best game studios on the continent and help ignite the African games industry by displaying their great visual effects and video production technology and talent.

Details of Partnership:
  • Leti Arts provides all 2D illustrations and graphics for promo trailer. (Already available)
  • Leti Arts provides back story of all characters, story board and script for promo trailer. (Already available)
  • Partner produces trailer based on story board and artwork provided by Leti Arts.
  • Partner is allowed to change the concept and script upon having a better idea.
  • Partner provides environments for trailer.
  • Both partners can provide sounds for trailer.
  • Partner provides voice over (if any)
Partnership Benefits:
  • Trailer begins with Leti Arts + Partners Logo.
  • All videos produced by partner for Leti will be credited to partner.
  • In game credits mention of partner
While direct industry experience is not essential, applicants should:
  • Have read about our Africa’s Legends (http://africaslegends.letiarts.com) project, loves the concept and have passion to work with Leti Arts.
  • Have great understanding of producing short engaging promo trailers.
  • Understand storytelling, plots and characters – and how these can be portrayed through engaging promo trailers for a game that will make players want to play.
  • Be very imaginative in visualizing great artwork into sticky video scenes.
  • Have great 2d/3d visual effects, animation and video production technology and quality.
  • Be willing and able to work on partnership basis

If you’re not sure whether you fit, please do drop us a line regardless and we’ll be straight with you.

The successful applicant will work directly under our award-winning creative director and development team.

To apply please send an email to partners@letiarts.com by 19th Jan 2017, with a show-reel video if any, a bit of information about yourself or Studio, links to relevant work, a CV or company profile, and whatever else you think will convince us.