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Leti Arts develops soccer game for MTN Ghana World Cup promo

Leti Arts develops soccer game for MTN Ghana World Cup promo

The 2014 FIFA World Cup fever is nearing its peak and with it comes marketing promotions by brands and corporate entities to capitalize on the biggest sports event in the world.

MTN Ghana has a promotion dubbed MTN Go Rio which seeks to make people increase their ‘Bolaness’ by talking, texting and browsing more on MTN to win BOLA prizes.

Imagine watching all the football matches on a brand new flat screen TV, or travelling on an all-expense paid trip to Rio to watch the football matches live or better still driving around town in a Sleek KIA Rio.

Just show your ‘Bolaness’ today. Continue to use your MTN number and stand a chance to win Bola prizes including smart phones and other amazing prizes.

So feel the Bola passion…keep talking, texting and browsing and win BOLA with MTN Go Rio. Dial * 120# to check your scores now!

MTN Ghana as part of making this promotion truly ‘BOLA’ in every sense, has released a game to complement the offline promotion, dubbed the MTN Ghana Go Rio Game.

The MTN Ghana Go Rio Game is a penalty shoot-out soccer game available now for the web (Facebook and soon on the MTN Ghana website), with plans for a mobile version (Android) soon.

The gameplay is simple. Beat the goalie (who we have nicknamed at Leti Arts, BOLA) and become the best penalty shoot-out player in Ghana. Post your high scores to the Hall of Fame and retain bragging rights over your friends.



  1. TAP any point in the goal post to choose where to shoot the ball
  2. Watch the Power Meter and TAP again to set how hard to shoot the ball (Aim for Green Zones or Dead Center to improve chances of scoring)
  3. You have ONLY 5 Misses during each shoot out. Level up to reset your misses!


  1. Aim for Green Zones of Power Meter. Red is too Hard, Yellow is too Low
  2. Dead Center on the Power Meter always equals a GOAL!!

What are you waiting for, go play the MTN Ghana Go Rio Game on Facebook and let your friends know who is BOLA!