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Meet the Interns

Meet the Interns

Leti Arts as part of our commitment and passion to train and mentor upcoming artists, illustrators and game developers runs internship programs, as often as our work schedule permits us.

We believe in providing a platform for personal growth and to demystify and remove any barriers to dreaming big about what you can achieve right from Ghana.

We would like you to meet our current crop of interns as they come near the end of their internships. We had a total of three (3) interns this internship period, which run from June to Mid-August. Let’s meet the interns.

Samuel Agyeman

Institution: Ashesi University
Course: Computer Science
Personal Goal: Become better at 3D Design and Illustration within a game development context

Samuel at Leti Arts
Samuel wants to be part of the creative side of game development through 3D design. However, Samuel during this internship, has had to move out of his comfort zone and work primarily with our Creative Director on a project for a third party client.

The project required him to do illustrations and game artwork by tracing and colouring in-game elements and background scenes for the project from existing images or photographs. This included people, buildings and other in-animate objects. The project also taught him team work and organization which are essential skills in the creative industry.

Samuel also worked with the Online Marketing Lead and created graphics for social media content, especially themed content around Ghana’s matches for the just ended 2014 World Cup.

Here is a sample of some of the artwork Samuel has produced during his internship.

George Essiful Assan

Institution: Ashesi University
Course: Computer Science
Personal Goal: Become better at Graphic Design & Illustration within a game development context

George at Leti Arts
George was assigned to the online marketing team primarily and worked with Nana Kwabena Owusu, our Online Marketing Lead.

He was tasked with creating content for the social media pages of Leti Arts, as well as our Africa’s Legends and The True Ananse franchise pages. Content ranged from themed content for the 2014 World Cup, themed content for our #LetiLikes, #SuperPowerTues, #ThrowBackThursday and #LetiFunFriday campaigns on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

He was also tasked with turning existing Leti Arts comics into a format suitable for our proprietary Leti Center comic reader and additional third party platforms including Comixology. He worked on upcoming issues for both The True Ananse and Africa’s Legends and other third party comics.

He is also working on a project for a third party client, helping with the data model and structures for the backend of a game project.

Here is a sample of some of the artwork he has produced during his internship.

Prince Kwashie

Personal Goal: Gain experience in the role of a Creative Director
Institution: Takoradi Polytechnic
Course: Graphic Design

Prince at Leti Arts
Prince as a graphic design student has had the opportunity to learn more about digital art and illustration under the guidance of our Creative Director, Eugene Kwame Akoto.

The main project he has been working on is a game for a third party client. The project has allowed him to explore what it means to be a creative director in a game development environment and the relationship between the design team and the programming team.

It has also allowed him to discover new ways of illustrating and colouring digital artwork including tracing from existing images, tracing from photographs for unique poses and illustrating using a Wacom tablet. Team work and organization are additional essential skills he has been exposed to as part of his internship.

Here is a sample of some of the artwork Prince produced during his internship.

The Leti Arts team has enjoyed having this crop of interns here and will continue to enjoy the last days with them until their respective internships end. At the end of it all, we hope they had fun and have progressed in their respective pursuits of greatness.