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There’s a new game making waves among the masses and its just the thing everyone needs!

Availing a collection of brain teasers, trivia, general knowledge questions and quizzes on trendy topics, it’s assured to keep you on your toes and eager for more.

Even better, it comes with the chance for winners to win amazing cool prizes and awards!

Interested? Well, you definitely need to check out HOTTSEAT!

MTN Hottseat is an interactive brand engagement game by Leti Arts which works across all platforms i.e. Web, Android, iOS, Windows and SMS.

The quiz games are integrated with objective questions on various subject areas as per GES’ curriculum, general knowledge and MTN product offerings for players to answer using a multiple-choice approach.

Therefore, the question topics will essentially comprise of:

  1. What do you know? – Which touches on subjects such as: ICT (Information and Communications Technology), General Knowledge, History & Politics, Child & Home Care, Sports and Entertainment.
  2. MTN Customer Care Month – How well do you know MTN’s products and services?
  3. Bible Quiz – Quizzes on Bible facts, stories and teachings.
  4. MTN Movie Mania – Questions on the latest movies, plots and facts.
  5. MTN Edu-Quiz – Focused on GES’ curriculum academic questions
  6. Instant Promo – Presents players with only 15 questions to answer on a breadth of topics for the chance to win amazing prizes
  7. Momo @10 – Presents 15 challenge questions to players for the chance to win a cash prize

So, how do you start playing this amazing game?

You can either download the MTN Hottseat App to your android device via Google Play Store or access it via the web at http://mtnhottseat.mtn.com.gh/.

From there, simply sign up and start playing for the chance to win yourself awesome prizes ranging from Airtime, Data, Cash, Gift vouchers, Movie tickets, and so much more!

Join in the fun and challenge yourself today with Hottseat!

Author: Maggie Muchiri.