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WINNERS: Create an African Superhero Competition/Contest

WINNERS: Create an African Superhero Competition/Contest

Hi Everyone.

The Leti Arts Create an African Superhero competition ended on Sunday. Thanks to everyone who voted and participated in making the contest awesome!

Here are the winners below for the Superhero competition and the T-Shirt contest.

WINNER: Create an African Superhero Competition

The fans have spoken. Congratulations to David Quartey and his superhero entry, Linguiny. Here is a recap of David’s submission.

Liguiny: Submitted by David Quartey

Africa’s greatest superhero/super villain is called Linguiny. He is a 50 to 60 year old looking man, with a two very simple looking tools on him, a hoe and cutlass. who happened to spot this mysterious hole on his way to his plantation in the heart of the Congo rainforest.

His curiosity sends him deeper than he had wanted, later coming out with super powers of controlling the weather of the earth. Hoe is thrown into the skies brings rain, cutlass brings sunlight.

So what did David win?

Winning Prize:
1. One (1) Leti Arts T-Shirt
2. One (1) The True Ananse T-Shirt
3. Coloured Poster of Winning Entry
4. Ink Sketch of Winning Entry
5. Poster with Ink & Colour

And we didn’t forget our other participants, they get consolation prizes.

WINNERS: T-Shirt Contest

And now, here are the three (3) lucky fans who are the winners for our T-Shirt contest. Congratulations to:

1. Chirag Shah (Kenya)
2. Kojo Akoto Boateng (Ghana)
3. Gameli Adzaho (Ghana)

Thanks once again. Team Leti appreciates all the fans that helped make this work.

PS. Get ready! Brush up on your drawing and illustrating skills, who knows when you may need those skills… WINK, WINK…