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Empowering African Filmmakers: Vote in the Afrinolly Short-Film Competition

Empowering African Filmmakers: Vote in the Afrinolly Short-Film Competition

Leti Arts values and respects innovation across all disciples of the creative arts in Africa. We know and understand that the creative arts industry in Africa must grow together, in order for our passion of interactive digital entertainment to succeed.

We love highlighting the endeavours of others in the industry whenever we can, as we did in our post on Ghanaian Illustrators. We are pleased to tell you about The Afrinolly Short-Film competition, an initiative we find refreshing and we salute the organisers.

The AFRINOLLY SHORT-FILM COMPETITION is a Unique, Innovative and Youth-focused Competition, with singular concentration on the next generation of African film makers. This Competition is designed to expand the conversations on issues about the African continent by Africans, motivate and reward young and emerging filmmakers who exhibit exceptional narrative skills using short movies and documentary as a medium.

This competition is conceived entirely as an online challenge open to Africans from across the world creating or have created short films or/and documentary films of not more than 15 minutes.

Our core objective is to empower African youths to tell their own stories from their own perspective and eliminate financial barriers to movies production. We look forward to ultimately creating a new generation of content providers in the Africa movie industry and facilitating business model based on sub-15 minutes contents.


The competition is being championed by the people behind Afrinolly (also known as MTN Afrinolly), a cross platform African entertainment app and past winner of the Android Developer Challenge in Africa. The total prize money is $100,000 with first prize in each category garnering, $25,000. Not bad at all! In the previous season of the competition, Joseph Samuel Akwasi Akiwumi from Ghana took third prize in the documentary category with Black and Gold.

Kudos to the partners of this edition of the AFRINOLLY SHORTFILM COMPETITION (MTN Nigeria, iRepresent International Documentary Film Festival, Goethe Institut), for enabling Afrinolly to encourage creative filmaking in Africa.

We have gone through a good number of the entries (still going through) and we are loving the short films and documentaries. We are pleased to see one animated short film,Imodoye, in the shortlist of finalists. Imodoye, is an interesting take on a popular foklore theme, a wise character overcoming a powerful foe. A similar theme can be found in parts of Ananse: The Origin (Read in Leti Center), the pilot issue of our African superhero series, The True Ananse. We are hoping more and more animated entries come through next year.

There are ONLY 2 DAYS left in the voting, so head over to the competition website and vote for your favourite short films and documentaries.