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The True Ananse: Synopsis

The True Ananse: Synopsis

Kweku Ananse is one of Africa’s most popular legends. The Leti Team as part of our African Legends initiative is creating a super hero, based in part on Ananse. Our story of Ananse the superhero, has two main thematic settings, Ancient Africa and Present Day. We give you a glimpse into the world of Ananse, The True Ananse.

The True Ananse: The Story

The Story

Long ago in the skies reigned gods under whom men dwelled. All authority was in the hands of Odumankoma, king of the gods. Four wings of rulership existed under him but yet only three gods ruled with Odumankoma. The three paramount gods: “Esuo”, the god of water; “Asaase Yaa”, the goddess of earth and “Oja”, god of fire.

The True Ananse

Kweku Ananse, the spider god, crafty and cunning by nature, had ambitions to be powerful and mighty, a legend among gods and men. He pleaded before the king for an opportunity to prove himself worthy to rule as a paramount god.

Odumankoma as a just king allowed Ananse to go on a quest to prove himself. Ananse returned to the sky kingdom victorious in his quest. Ananse was deemed worthy and crowned the god of wisdom, the final wing of paramount rulership bestowed by Odumakoma. His duty was to serve as a mediator between the gods and mankind.

With time, greed and ambition took over his heart and in his lustful quest to rule the earth, he created confusion between man and the gods. Ananse’s conspiracy was discovered. In a state of deep anger, Odumankoma pronounced the ultimate punishment on Ananse, banishment from the sky kingdom.

He was cast unto earth, a cursed statue, forgotten by all until recent days. The cursed statue of Ananse is discovered and worshipped until fate brings Ananse and an innocent boy, Selasi Rockson together, his vessel for reawakening.

Ananse vows to find a way back to his former glory, as a paramount god in the sky kingdom. Odumankoma sensing Ananse’s awakening tasks his paramount gods to recapture the traitor Ananse. Faced with a society built around modern technology (not the power of the gods), riddled with crime and corruption, Ananse decides to use his powers for good, his chance to regain his place.

Will Osuo, Oja and Asaase Yaa recapture Ananse before he can prove himself worthy of pardon? What will his vessel Selasi do, when he discovers he is possessed by a god? How will the society react to Ananse and the powerful three, forces forgotten as folklore. The adventure begins….

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