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Leti Games Partnership Cocktail sets the agenda for partnerships

Leti Games Partnership Cocktail sets the agenda for partnerships

Leti Games last Thursday, June 27, 2013, set the agenda for conversations and action plans around potential partnerships through an event at the British Council. The event was held in collaboration with the British Council and the Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) programme of the British Council, which Eyram Tawia, CEO of Leti Games, emerged the 2012 winner.

Leti Partner Event

Leti Games brought together people from across a range of industries to expose them to ideas and case studies around the market opportunities inherent in gaming, mobile comics and interactive applications. The invited guests included creative and marketing agencies; brands and corporate companies; public institutions; mobile operators, content distributors and device manufacturers; publishing and printing companies and retail companies.

The event was attended by individuals from private and public organisations such as IPMC, SMSGH, NAFTI, MUSIGA, The US State Department and the European Delegation to Ghana.

Eyram delivered a highly entertaining and interactive presentation, focused on ideas to get business and public institutions present thinking differently about what they do. The presentation began with an impassioned introduction from Eyram which embodied the tone and nature of the event, a snippet of which is quoted below.

We need to know you. We need to know what you do. We need to know what you can do. We need to do things differently. We know you want to do things differently.

We need to redefine advertising. We need to define telecoms, we need to redefine monetization, We need to redefine education. We need to redefine sports, governance and employment, all through interactive entertainment.

Infrastructure is ripe for innovation to happen. Leti is this innovation.

Thank you to all our guests and their organizations for gracing the occasion and making it a success. We are delighted to have made new acquaintances and reiterated our commitment to existing partners and friends of Leti Games.

Leti Games is ready and open for business. Let the partnership conversations begin.