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Enter the Leti Arts “Create an African Superhero” Competition!

Enter the Leti Arts “Create an African Superhero” Competition!

One of the best things about being a comics and gaming company is that we get to bring our wildest imaginations to life. Now it’s your turn!


Send us a description of the most incredible superhero (or supervillain!) you can think of. We’ll turn the best three descriptions into gorgeous colour illustrations of your creation!


Does your character absorb power from the sun to shoot fire out of his hands? Does she control machines with the help of an ancient staff? Maybe he’s a stranded cyborg from a future where the greatest space-faring civilizations explore the universe in spaceships shaped like pyramids. The more imaginative, the better!


1) Contest runs from October 1st to October 12th.
2) To enter, like the Leti Arts Facebook page and submit a description of your superhero on this page.
3) Description should be anywhere between 10 to 200 words.
4) The character must have an explicit connection to the African continent.
5) Competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.
6) There is no limit to the number of characters entrants can submit.
7) After October 12th, Leti Arts co-founders Eyram and Wesley will select the three best entries.


1) The three best submissions will be brought to life as colour illustrations by Anadan, Leti Arts’ own in-house artist.
2) The three winners will receive VIP tickets to the official launch event of The True Ananse comic in mid-October, where they’ll be presented with signed printouts of the character illustrations.
3) The winners will go home with a physical print of their creation, as well as “The True Ananse”-themed goodies such as T-shirts and stickers.
4) One of the three characters will be selected to appear in a Leti Arts comic! That character will be selected at the launch event.


Acceptance of prize constitutes permission to use winners name and winning entry for promotional purposes.
Contest entry constitutes permission to use winning submissions on Leti Arts website and its affiliated websites and social media accounts without further compensation. Furthermore, entry constitutes permission to archive your winning entries indefinitely on any webpage.

Contestants agree that the sole and final judgment as to all matters concerning contests and interpretation of contest rules are at the sole discretion of Leti Arts, its owners, and its staff.


Leti Arts (letiarts.com) develops cross-platform interactive digital comics and mobile games based on African history and folklore. As one of a handful of interactive media studios in sub-Saharan Africa, Leti introduces global audiences to African storytelling. Leti Arts has offices in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, and was founded by Eyram Tawia and Wesley Kirinya.