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Why You Like A Good Hero Story

Why You Like A Good Hero Story

Ever wondered why a grown middle-aged man dressing up in tight spandex and downing the colors of his nation’s flag to fight bad guys gives you a sense of justice, hope, excitement or escape? Why an indestructible teenage girl from a far-off planet equally serves the same set of emotions you’d feel in the first scenario?

From iconic old-school heroes such as Batman to ‘Our Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman’, each of these iconic fictional characters have found their way from comic books to our everyday screens and have even become a functional part of our daily lives, but have you ever questioned why most desperately cling to these heroes though they are from someone’s imagination and are a modeled product of their creativity?

What is the psychological impact of these heroes on our lives? Why do we cry when their loved ones die? Or hate the things they detest? Why do their feats of victory bring to us a sense of empowerment or pure bliss?

Its more than obvious that these fictional characters highly contribute to our well-being. The concept of heroes has been in existence for eons with few examples from Greek Mythology such as Hercules and his kind.

Although Marvel & DC quickly took root within this industry and tossing it into the limelight, it is valuable information to know that they are not the only players on this field. Leti Arts offers us a distinctive universe deeply immersed in history, culture and mythology across Africa that tackles our modern-day issues. From Ghana’s fabled Ananse to Mali’s Po Sagala and more, such legends connect with us on a much deeper level than we could ever anticipate.

These legends, though endowed with mysterious gifts beyond our comprehension, show us their daily struggles that reminds us of the ones we face. These illustrated figures instil in us some levels of virtue that are easily neglected within this tech-immersed generation. They create the necessary foundation for kids these days as they can easily identify traits and values that apply to them, thus contributing to their development.

Leti’s heroes endorse lessons passed down through folklore that are quickly dying with our history due to negligence of our own culture. Take a good look around, or perhaps listen to Grandma’s tales next time you go for a visit. There is abundant potential in Africa and Leti Arts is doing its utmost best to mine every ore of potential, process it and showcase to the world what we have to offer.

Author: M. K. Sunny