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Video Gaming Developers Leti Arts Collaborates With Top Esport Team PlayProvinvce To Produce Branded Merchandise

Video Gaming Developers Leti Arts Collaborates With Top Esport Team PlayProvinvce To Produce Branded Merchandise

LetiArts, the video game development studio, has announced a new partnership with PlayProvince, a top esports team, to jointly produce a line of branded items to promote the team and expand LetiArts’ presence in the esports industry. 

As part of the collaboration, LetiArts and PlayProvince will work closely together to create a range of merchandise, including jerseys, hats, and other accessories, that will allow fans to show their support for both parties.

The CEO of LetiArts, Mr. Eyram Tawia, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to be working with such a talented esports team. We believe that by combining our expertise and creativity, we can create unique and appealing products that will resonate with gamers and esports enthusiasts worldwide.”

Herbert Henry Krakue, the founder of PlayProvince, echoed this sentiment, “We are honored to be partnering with LetiArts, a leading player in the video game industry. We share a passion for gaming and esports, and we look forward to working together to produce high-quality merchandise that will delight our fans.”

The collaboration is expected to bring numerous benefits to both LetiArts and PlayProvince. 

For LetiArts, the partnership represents an opportunity to expand its reach in the esports market and connect with a broader audience. 

For PlayProvince, it offers a chance to enhance its brand recognition and offer its fans an exciting new range of merchandise. As the joint venture progresses, fans can expect to see the new line of products hit the market in the coming months.

About Leti Arts:

Leti Arts is a Ghanaian video game company headquartered in Accra. It was founded by Eyram Tawia, a member of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, and has emerged as one of the largest and most successful video game companies in Africa. Leti Arts develops cross-platform interactive media products based on African history and folklore, including digital comics and mobile games.

As one of a handful of interactive media studios in sub-Saharan Africa, Leti introduces global audiences to African storytelling. Leti Arts has offices in Accra, Ghana, and Nairobi, Kenya, and was founded by Eyram Tawiah and Wesley Kirinya

About Play Province:

PlayProvince is a Ghanaian-based esports organization striving to strengthen Africa’s position on the global scene by curbing unemployment amongst the youth. It is the first esport team to be verified in Ghana by FIFAe and has won 21 tournaments since 2022.