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The Enigma of Game Development Through Kofiro

The Enigma of Game Development Through Kofiro

Kofi Bedu Austin, affectionately known as Kofiro, has some valuable insights into the world of game development. According to him, “developers often get caught up in the hype of gaining a lot of downloads without really looking at their games’ performance metrics.”

Wondering who this gaming virtuoso is? Kofiro, initially known as Kofi Bedu Austin, has become one of Ghana’s premier indie video game developers over the past five years. He’s all about consistency and has crafted an impressive portfolio of over 20 games and 10 interactive apps, amassing a staggering 5–6 million total installs.

But here’s the question that might be burning in your minds: has Kofiro’s dedication translated into substantial revenue? He sheds light on this, saying, “From ad revenue and in-app purchases, I get paid by Apple, Google, and Unity Ads. Nothing too crazy yet, though.”

Kofiro’s journey into game development began at the tender age of six. Fast forward to his university days in 2013–2014, where he discovered the possibility of creating games independently. He was inspired by fellow Ghanaian game developers like Nana Ghartey, the founder of Mobobi LLC, Setriakor Nyomi, the creator of the best Oware game on the Play Store, and Kingsley Budali, the founder of Budali Studios. These remarkable individuals and their studios played a pivotal role in shaping Kofiro’s path in the world of game development.

Kofi emphasizes the importance of paying attention to performance metrics and retention. He mentions, “Monetization is always a hassle,” and urges developers to ask vital questions such as, “Do you lose more than 90% of your first-time players after one day? Do you still have a high percentage of active players a week later?” According to Kofi, emerging technologies and innovation are the future of the game industry.

Despite his brilliance, Kofiro prefers solo work to fuel his continuous learning journey. However, he’s not opposed to collaborations when necessary, stating, “If I require some kind of collaboration for my next ideas, I would most definitely be interested in that.”

Success for Kofiro comes in the form of user reviews, improved earnings, and completing various games. Among his games, “Super Glider” holds a special place in his heart. You can experience this exciting journey yourself by downloading the game from both the Apple Store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/super-glider/id1495108511 and Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kofiro.superglider