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<strong>Sweave: The New Game That Has Got Every Thumb Busy</strong>


Sweave: The New Game That Has Got Every Thumb Busy

Tap to activate, touch and hold to fly up, Sweave, and at all costs avoid the OBSTACLES! That’s the new game that has got every thumb busy. 

Sweave as it’s called, is a hyper-casual, African-themed creativity game, that takes inspiration from the creation of our traditional Kente, specifically, how the Kente loom works.

Developed by Leti Arts, the whole idea of the game is to Sweave through unique beautiful patterns and avoid obstacles you encounter. 

The game’s background features African patterns and obstacles that come in the form of African symbols like the Gye Nyame, Epa, Dono, etc.

The beauty of Sweave is that users can interact and learn about these symbols which pave way for them to imbibe our rich heritage and culture.

Download Sweave from Play Store and App Store to enjoy the ride.