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Sweave Challenge 24: A Challenge Inviting Gamers And Smartphone Users To Showcase Their Skills And Win Exclusive Prizes

Sweave Challenge 24: A Challenge Inviting Gamers And Smartphone Users To Showcase Their Skills And Win Exclusive Prizes

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Sweave Challenge 24, themed MASTER Of The Masters for our game Sweave. It is a visually stunning and sonically pleasing hyper-casual game that beautifully merges African patterns, weaves, and gaming excitement. Given this, Leti Arts invites players to test their skills, learn about African symbols, and compete for the prestigious title of SWEAVE MASTER. They also go down in our Hall of Fame, obtain a 3D poster of any mask, and access one of our comics. Additionally, players can unlock exclusive features and patterns and get gifted the “Fatia fata Nkrumah” Kente sash from our partners Prestige Kente.

Prestige Kente employs an ancient, eco-friendly textile production method of weaving, unique and peculiar to the people of Ghana. They make export-ready cloths, that showcase carefully selected patterns and symbols from across the continent in beautiful, variations of exotic colors that appeal to different cultures, especially the elite African both home and abroad and to all lovers of the African culture. They aim to change the ”aid-dependent” narrative of Africa by retelling the story of our rich African cultures through its bespoke designs in a manner that heightens affiliation to the unique African roots.

Similarly, Sweave is a game that retells the story of rich African culture through its stunning graphics, smoother vibrant backgrounds, and patterns. Sweave was generated from the combination of “Weave” and “Swerve,” reflecting the game’s core mechanics. Players weave through challenges while mastering the art of swerving to avoid obstacles, which come in the form of African symbols adding a playful and skilful element to the gameplay. Sweave also caters to a broad audience, appealing to casual gamers, African culture enthusiasts, and anyone with an appreciation for art and music.

The hypercasual game available on Android and iOS turns collisions into an educational opportunity. As players navigate through levels inspired by African fabric patterns and dodge obstacles representing symbols, they accumulate points and gain insights into each symbol’s cultural significance, adding an educational and enriching dimension to the gaming experience.

While at it, an important element in the Sweave game that gives players a challenging yet thrilling experience is the Boss, a mask that prevents players from reaching their goal by dropping obstacles. With over 12 different bosses to defeat, 10+ skins, and 20+ crazy pattern designs, Sweave will keep players on their toes throughout.

Hence, the Sweave Challenge 24 is not just a gaming event; it’s a celebration of cultural exploration and mastery. The objective of the Sweave competition is to challenge players to achieve the highest score possible. As they control the ball’s movement, players must demonstrate agility, precision, and quick reflexes to navigate various obstacles. By avoiding these obstacles, players accumulate points, aiming to surpass their previous scores and climb the leaderboard. With each successful maneuver, players grow closer to claiming the coveted title of Sweave Master.

“We are beyond excited to introduce the Sweave Challenge 24 to our gaming community. Sweave has been a labor of love, blending entertainment, education, and celebrating African culture. This challenge marks a significant milestone for us, and seeing players immerse themselves in this cultural journey is a dream come true. Join us on this unique adventure—it’s not just a game; it’s a cultural odyssey! Let’s make the Sweave Challenge 24 the first of many memorable gaming experiences. Hop on board, and let the weaving begin!” – Robertson Nortey, Lead Game Developer.

How to Participate:

Players can participate by signing up here https://bit.ly/3U62Ia3 

Players must Download Sweave on the App Store (https://bit.ly/4aSomVf) and the Google Play Store (https://bit.ly/3U1yq84 )

Play the Sweave Challenge 24 during the specified dates (12th February to 16th February)

Players must share their scores on social media using the hashtag #SweaveChallenge or #Sweave and tag us @letiarts on all platforms.

The Sweave Master will be announced from 19th February to 21st February