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Meet the ghanaian animator empowering women through animation

Meet the ghanaian animator empowering women through animation

In the heart of Ghana, a young and determined animator finds herself captivated by the untold stories of her ancestors. Inspired by the resilience and strength of Ghanaian women throughout history, the young animator embarks on a quest to create an animated masterpiece that celebrates their indomitable spirit and contributions to society. Armed with her talent, passion, and unwavering belief in the power of storytelling, she sets out to weave together a narrative that not only honors Ghana’s cultural legacy but also serves as a catalyst for women’s empowerment.

Meet Karen-Happuch P. Henneh, the founder and creative director of KHPH Studios, an animation studio based in Ghana. Karen is also a Digital Illustrator and a UI/UX Designer, with skills in 2D animation, 3D environment design, and editing. Furthermore, Karen-Happuch was part of the animators selected to represent Ghana at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. On top of that, she is the brains behind Abrefi Koto- A Father’s Joy, the highlight of this piece. 

Abrefi Koto- A Father’s Joy is a tale set in the rich culture of the Asante Kingdom in Ghana that explores Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and captivating landscapes, particularly focusing on the Asante Kingdom and the luxurious Kente cloth. The story follows a girl determined to make her father proud and fight for women’s rights. The heroine Abrefi Koto, is the daughter of a great warrior Bediako who sets out to challenge societal norms and predetermined fate as her kingdom is steeped in age-old beliefs; a world where men lead. She refuses to accept limitations imposed by gender and her determination intensifies when she discovers her mother’s forbidden passion for weaving kente clothes, a language of patterns carrying powerful messages

The story explores themes like defying limitations and fighting for one’s dreams are universal. The animator and her team are confident that global audiences will connect with Abrefi’s journey and find inspiration in her courage.

Regarding that, Karen has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the animated film and give others the opportunity to be part of the story. By supporting it, you become part of rewriting destinies and sparking a conversation about gender equality.

” While limitations once existed for women, this story explores the reasons behind societal shifts and inspires action toward positive change. I believe the “Abrefi Koto” story will contribute to the narrative of women’s empowerment by challenging cultural and social limitations. It conveys that women can master their craft, gain knowledge, and innovate to overcome barriers. This resonates with a universal message the creator told Leti Arts“.

“Developing the animation project has been challenging, but that has fueled my drive. As the director and producer, I’ve self-funded 40% of the project and reached 65% completion. While I’m grateful for the support from friends, family, and team, sheer passion and belief in the story’s importance kept us going.”

“We hope viewers remember that limitations are often self-imposed and that courage and conviction can pave the way for change. Your destiny is in your hands.”

Beyond the film, the creator envisions expanding the “Abrefi Koto” universe through educational materials, merchandise, and even a full-fledged series, further amplifying the message of empowerment and delving deeper into Ghanaian history and culture.

“Join us on this extraordinary journey to celebrate African heritage, challenge norms, and inspire change. Together, let’s make history!”