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Caricature of Mandy

I sat anxiously waiting for orientation on Monday, June 13 which began with an introduction from Eyram Tawiah, the CEO of Leti Arts. You’d normally expect the boss of a Ghanaian company to be strict and stern but he was the complete opposite. He smiled from ear to ear, cracked jokes and made me feel so at ease. He talked to us about his company, his dreams and his ideas of which he had made into a reality. He spoke about how he sees himself now as a game developer than a programmer, how Leti is a place of fun and equally a place of getting work done, how games have been his passion and source of inspiration all these years. Eyram co-founded with Wesley Kirinya who manages the Kenyan office. Leti Arts is currently undertaking a project to create Africa’s Legends II. Eyram prefers to be called Wuzu.(I’m assuming he borrowed the name from his Africa’s Legends character, Wuzu the Kenyan Witch Doctor lol)

As part of his presentation, he taught us how to make our CVs more attractive especially branding ourselves to the global market which he said should be our target. Abena, the PR Manager took over delivering to us Leti’s history and services and told us to set personal goals at the end of our internship at Let Arts as well as what we expect from Leti. Andy, the Social Media Community Manager gave us a presentation on SMS Gaming.

To my surprise, we were immediately given a task on crowdfunding to research on. Quaphryma, the talented lead artist at Leti gave us tips and showed us some works he had done. In total, I would call my first Leti experience awesome (I kinda use that word a lot lol). But honestly it is the summary of how I felt at Leti Arts on that day.

-Amanda Quarmor