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Early on this year, Eyram Tawia (CEO), led us to win the Most Heart Award at the African Entrepreneurship Award. This was after a very rigorous process and he didn’t fail to in putting his passion and belief in the African gaming industry  across.

He recently did a podcast with the AEA Team to update them on our progress since we won the award. In this podcast, he talks about how much the process enlightened him as an entrepreneur in such a novel field, the new game we are building Africa’s Legends Re-awakening and his vision for the African gaming industry. He also recounts how his addiction to Nordic mythology and superhero comics have influenced his career path.

Eyram  says ” When I compare the history of Africa and what has transpired on the continent, we are more cooler  if fantasized than all the Nordic mythical gods. Every experience on the continent is worth fantasizing to create hope for the next generations to come.”

On AL-Reawakening for which we won the grant money, he explained the concept. The whole game is based on characters from our history and culture. These superheroes are projected into the 21st century with amazing visuals as they fight against issues like drug trafficking, corruption and jet fuel / glue sniffing in children. The first version of the game will be text based to ensure that everyone can enjoy our rich story line not withstanding which device they are on. Leti is currently preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the 3D version of the came in October.

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The African Entrepreneurship Award is both a process and an organization within BMCE Bank of Africa. The goal is to enable the enablers. What does that mean? As an Award organization, they seek to enable you the entrepreneur to be a job enabler in Africa. Through their regional and global mentoring program, entrepreneurs receive coaching that enables them to launch or grow their business idea so that they can create jobs and enable others in Africa.