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Everyone loves to hear the story of superheroes, one that makes them smile and sigh with deep satisfaction. Unfortunately, not that of the supervillains. The most dreaded lot in history ever. The worst nightmare of many kids and even some adults! (Believe it or not!) They are clothed in malice and bitterness and wear

Did you know that the history of comics has really followed different paths in various cultures all over the world? No? Let me walk you through a highly underestimated and underrepresented part of our world called Africa. We can all attest to the fact that Africa is viewed as a continent clothed with poverty and diverse

Leti Arts collaborated with the African Changemakers Fellows during the implementation of a career counselling and mentoring workshop for 60 students of Salem Basic School (SBS) & St Anglican Basic School (SABS) in Akropong in the Eastern region of Ghana. The objectives were to introduce the students to the world of work, to

If by now the Black Panther fever hasn’t caught up with you, you must be living under a literal rock. For the longest time, Leti has been obsessed with telling the African story in a positive light with our games and comics; our Africa’s Legends superhero franchise will attest to that. So can