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Best of San Diego Comic-Con 2013 (Part 2) – Games

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Best of San Diego Comic-Con 2013 (Part 2) – Games

Our series of posts on the best announcements from the San Diego Comic-Con 2013, as seen by the Leti Games team continues by focusing on Game announcements. The first post in this series focused on comics and you should read that, if you haven’t already.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Comic Con was the perfect place to catch sneak peeks of the third instalment of the successful Batman Arkham game franchise, Batman: Arkham Origins. The people behind the game from WB Games Montreal were at Comic Con to keep the momentum behind this highly anticipated dgame release going.

Batman: Arkham Origins is set several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. The game showcases a young and unrefined Batman as he faces a defining moment in his early career, that sets his path to becoming the Dark Knight.

The panel revealed costume designs for Batman that would be available for gamers to use in game play. They include a design called “Worst Nightmare Batman” – a terrifying design inspired by how lowly criminals see Batman when they encounter him for the first time.

Another major reveal was the rewriting of Snake-suited supervillain Copperhead as a female assassin, one of eight assassins, who will be among Batman’s adversaries in Arkham Origins. The reveal video (Watch Here) shows the character stalking Batman and combating the Caped Crusader with razor-sharp claws.

As to be expected, there is a lot of buzz around this game and you can get your game fix for Batman: Arkham Origins in October.

The Walking Dead: The Game, Season 2

The Walking Dead franchise is a personal favorite of Eyram, the CEO of Leti Games and therefore no best of Comic Con from us would be complete without announcements from the franchise. At the Walking Dead panel at Comic Con, Telltale Games, revealed that Season 2 of The Walking Dead: The Game would be released this Fall.

The Walking Dead: The Game

There were no real details about the game except that the most popular character from Season 1 of the game, Clementine will be back and will face choices that make her cry more. Season 1 of the games was released as five episodes, following the life of a character, Lee Everett and set in the same world as those of the comic books and the TV series.

The world we knew is gone. The dead have risen to feed on the living. The living cannot be trusted. Starving. Never safe. Looking for hope. What would you do?

Trailer: The Walking Dead, The Game.

Well, we know we could have picked more games, but we leave you to tell us what your best annoucements were via comments. We will bring you our best picks for TV/Film in the last post of the series soon.