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Ananse becomes first indigenous African Superhero to join the Legends on ComiXology

Ananse becomes first indigenous African Superhero to join the Legends on ComiXology


Ananse: The Origin available on IOS, Android, Kindle Fire & Windows 8 via comiXology

 Accra, Ghana – April 17, 2015:  Leti Arts, an interactive media studio with offices in Ghana and Kenya, this month released the pilot issue of the Ananse: The Origin on comiXology. This catapults the African superhero, Ananse, to the ranks of comic legends such as Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

Ananse: The Origin is one of the first African published comics to be featured on comiXology, an Amazon.com, Inc. subsidiary that has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel industry. Comixology provides a cloud-based digital comics platform that simplifies discovering, buying, and reading comics and offers one of the broadest library of comic book content from over 75 publishers and independent creators.

Ananse: The Origin #1 is the pilot issue from The True Ananse series which features Kweku Ananse the African folklore character from Ghana known for his skill of trickery and cunning. Leti Arts reimagines the story of Ananse as a superhero fighting crime in present day Africa. In the pilot issue, Ananse, the spider god, seeks prominence in the Sky Kingdom to ultimately become the God of wisdom.

The True Ananse is part of the Leti Arts’ Africa’s Legends franchise which intersperses popular African folklore and historical legends with fictional characters, as an elite group of superheroes and is available as digital comics and video games.

“ Merging the past with the present in a format that is exciting and compelling encourages audiences to be genuinely excited about African history and culture. Ananse: The Origin on comiXology is a major accomplishment for us and introduces one of the first true African superheroes to comic fans around the world. A bonus is the Guided View technology of comiXology, which is fits our vision to enrich the reading experience around our comics.
 Eyram Tawia (CEO, Leti Arts)

Find Ananse: The Origin (http://bit.ly/1NjatfE) on IOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows 8 via the comiXology apps on these platforms.

About Leti Arts

Leti Arts develops cross-platform interactive media products based on African history and folklore, including digital comics and mobile games. As one of a handful of interactive media studios in sub-Saharan Africa, Leti introduces global audiences to African storytelling.

Leti Arts is listed as #5 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Africa for 2015, an MTV Africa Transform Today 2014 Nominee and a Google Ghana Innovation Hero Winner.

Leti Arts has offices in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, and was founded by Eyram Tawia and Wesley Kirinya.

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About Africa’s Legends

Africa’s Legends is a superhero franchise from Leti Arts influenced by folklore and historic legends from across Africa.  In  Africa’ s Legends, Leti Arts  reimagines African folklore and historic legends, interspersed with fictional characters, as elite superheroes fighting crime in present day Africa.

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