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Trotro Trio

Trotro Trio

Trotro Trio is a fantasy adventure series that focuses on three friends – two siblings, Akosua and Kojo, and their cousin Gifty – who travel through time and space throughout the African continent, experiencing key historical moments firsthand.

Along the way, they solve mysteries, learn about their continent’s rich cultural diversity, acquire important new skills and forge lifelong bonds of friendship.

The series begins one summer when Akosua, Kojo and Gifty, along with their dog Rusty, decide to go out exploring on the edge of their neighborhood, somewhat far from home. Suddenly, while threading their way through the trees, Rusty discovers an old, abandoned trotro in a severe state of disrepair. Rusty yowls and yodels, attracting the kids’ attention, calling them to come find him.

Eventually, the kids meet up with Rusty, stopping in their tracks to stare in disbelief at his mysterious discovery. Both Akosua and Kojo insist, despite exploring this patch of forest numerous times before, that they have never seen the trotro and it must be newly arrived. But, overgrown with thick vegetation, the paint heavily faded and flaking, clearly the trotro was abandoned there many years ago.

Tentatively, they open the front door and climb inside. As the kids begin to examine the vehicle’s interior and make believe that they are on a journey – with each of them playing their parts as driver, mate and passenger – one of them discovers a small brass object under one of the seats.

Immediately, they all crowd around to examine their find and try to figure out what it is. Suddenly, as they all happen to be touching it at the exact same moment, they are whisked away (inside the trotro) to a different time and place where their adventure begins.

The Trotro series is definitely an exciting fun-packed adventure series to look out for that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

The series is exclusive to the Afrocomix app and will be featuring soon.

Let’s all get set to join in on the fun and adventure to follow along with Akosua, Kojo, Gifty and Rusty as we too learn more about the African continent, its people and culture while uncovering and solving a mystery or two along the way.

From Afrocomix with love.

Author: Maggie Muchiri.