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Anytime, Everywhere

Sweave is a hyper-casual game that takes inspiration from African patterns and weaves. The game revolves around a ball that moves in a to and fro motion, similar to a weaving shuttle in a loom, and is controlled by the player pressing on the screen.

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What We Do

Africa’s Legends is our flagship property: A vast near-future superhero universe steeped in real mythology, culture and history from across Africa – all brought up-to-date to tackle the modern-day issues which affect every African.

AL: Reawakening is the latest in a line of comics and games: A groundbreaking video game that brings AAA quality and scope within reach of everyone in Africa – whether they have the latest smartphone, or an ancient feature-phone. Find out more!

Visit our Africa’s Legends website to find out more about the universe and keep up with development in our Production Diary. Click here!

Leti Consulting

We love sharing our global experience with partners to help them reach audiences across Africa. We can help with:

Audience Insight, Access and Reach

Content & Messaging Strategy

Game Design, Direction, Development and Distribution

Character Design, Artwork Direction & Production

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