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Leti Arts and Intel partner to launch Africa’s Legends

Leti Arts and Intel partner to launch Africa’s Legends

Africa’s Legends is a series by Leti Arts that brings Africa’s folklore and historic legends to life through interactive entertainment such as digital comics, mobile games and in the future, TV shows and full length movies.

Africa’s Legends balances the two parts of Leti Arts’ portfolio of characters, historic and folkloric legends and fictional characters, battling crime in Africa, as the continent’s elite group of superheroes. Africa’s Legends brings the classic clash of good versus evil from an African perspective to a worldwide audience. Africa’s elite superheroes, Africa’s Legends, battle master criminals from Africa and around the world.

The series follows the exploits of characters such as Ananse, Shaka, Pharaoh, Wuzu the Massai Warrior and Shizo, an ex-cop turned vigilante against corruption. It also follows the plots and schemes of master villains such as The Pirate and The Wodaabe Assassin.

Our goal of merging the past with the present in an exciting and compelling format is to encourage younger generations to be genuinely excited about African history and culture. The more relevant we make history and culture in education, the better the long term prospects for preserving culture and heritage.

We are proud to deliver this on cutting edge technology, both hardware and software, from our partner Intel.

Wesley Kirinya (CTO, Leti Arts)

Intel Powered Yolo Smartphone from Safaricom

Intel, one of the premier technology companies in the world, is leveraging the expertise of its software partner, Leti Arts to promote its Yolo smartphone, an Android smartphone based on its mobile optimized Intel Atom processor, available in Kenya on Safaricom.

Africa’s Legends is delivered to consumers as an Intel-only compatible Android app, Africa’s Legends on the Google Play Store. It includes both the comic and game, optimized for the Yolo smartphone and other Android devices based on Intel processors.

The Yolo smartphone uses advanced Intel® processors to provide seamless and fast web browsing, super responsive Android apps, and effortless multitasking. Intel has been powering computing for decades and they are now powering your next smartphone. Get ready for the power of Intel Inside® on your phone.

As part of the promotion for Intel powered Android devices, Intel organised the Intel Gaming Challenge at the iHub on Saturday October 12, attended by both avid and casual gamers. The gaming challenge showcased local games from Intel Software Partners  Leti Arts and Ma3 Racer.

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If you own a Yolo device or an Intel powered Android smartphone or tablet, then head over to the Google Play Store.

Google Play: Africa's Legends

Google Play: Africa’s Legends

You can follow the exploits of Africa’s Legends online:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AfricasLegends/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AfricasLegends
Google+: http://gplus.to/AfricasLegends